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Facets is a collaborative platform to build cloud automation and architect your products

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How Facets Works?

Build, Deploy, Operate environments using just a high level architecture

Blueprint composed of Intents

Blueprint is your Softwaer Architecture. Intents are components of your Architecture. Engineers continously modify the Blueprint with the Intents they need fulfilled for their Software to work.

Singe Source of Truth

Architecure Repository

Collbaration Based on Git Flows

No Tribal Knowledge

Create environments from blueprints

Blueprint can be manifested into Environments using the Facets Control Plane. Having Blueprint as a single source of truth ensures no drift in Environments.

Self Serve


Managed Kuberbetes

Cost Efficient

Facets Flow

Effortlessly manage your environments

Single Pane of Glass to manage all your Environments. Easily compare Environments to see the differences while debugging or cost comparison.


Central Guidelines

Environment specific overrides

Auto Credential wiring

Downsides of not accelerating the DevOps journey

Low Developer Productivity

Developer productivity suffers because the larger Dev Teams waits on  leaner Ops Teams.
Ops Teams burn out and you end up having Slower Release Cycles.
environment stability

Environmental Instability

You may experience outages and Longer Detection and Recovery Time.
Suboptimal automations creates Drift between environments leading to unpredictable outcomes.
risk prevention


Security, Access, Compliance and other best practices take a backseat in favor of feature rollouts, resulting in unreliable and risky infra. Another indicator of inefficient DevOps is bloating Costs.

Reasons that are blocking you

build from scratch

Building  from scratch

Every company is building an internal DevOps platform through either internal or outsourced teams which requires time and effort.

However, there is lack of a flexible platform to build upon which also gives best-practice out-of-the-box and is customizable.
Dependence of DevOps

Lack of Democratization

Too much of centralization of DevOps activities creates bottlenecks and increases the need of hiring more hands.

However, Democratization puts a higher level of expectation on Developers which is not practical without a truly self-serve tool
Dependence of devops

Sequential Ticket Ops

Developers and DevOps communicate requirements through tickets which slows down the software development lifecycle.

However, there is a lack of a mechanism to capture the requirements programmatically.

Solution: Translate your architecture to deployment using Facets

Build, deploy, operate environments using just a high level architecture

Architecture to deployment

Four pillars of our product

Some of our features that accelarate your devops roadmap and enrich  developer experience

single source of truth

Single Source of Truth

Create a next gen team with complete visibility to all
Superior developer experience

Superior Developer Experience

Democratized self serve developer collaboration
open architecture

Open Architecture

Built on technologies you know and understand
Devops industry standards

Industry Standards in a Box

Our DevOps experts provide you one click access to baked solutions in a click

Customer Testimonials

What customers say about

Our goal was ease of service, infrastructure maintenance, and being cloud-agnostic using Kubernetes. takes this a step further by ensuring all of this is well defined with simple and intuitive JSON templates which developer teams can maintain with ease. Now our teams can start focussing on Application reliability and Security. A big shout out to the team for their support during our transition.

Pruthvi Narapareddy

Engineering at Vymo

Our compliance team at Capillary Technologies has no dependency on Tech team anymore with deployment. Every provisioned cluster is consistent in terms of the security rules by design, helping us in seamless audits and guardrail enforcements.

Vijayendran Sridharan

CISO at Capillary Technologies

We became more agile with continuous delivery pipeline and reduced over-burdening our infrastructure team. The development team productivity has gone up at least by 15% with increased speed from code to deployment. We are very happy with the product and look to do more with it.

KDV Prasad

Engineering at MoveInsync has simplified the operations across the product portfolio deployed over hundreds of servers in multiple cloud regions. It has standardized our deployments by making everything declarative and better managed. We are seeing over 40% reduction in human errors and infrastructure drift, as well as over 30% savings in infrastructure costs.

Piyush Goel

SVP at Capillary Technologies

Case Studies

Companies are adopting Facets to streamline their DevOps. Learn how we add value to our customers' day-to-day operations.

Purplle’s journey to streamline DevOps and beyond

How the eCommerce giant aligned their teams to achieve 100% autonomy to manage their Infrastructure with

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