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What are Facets.cloud’s key components (architecture)?
Facets has two main components in its architecture. The blurprint defintions allows you to define your own software components and a control plane that enables to translate the blurprint in to managed cloud environments.
What does Facets.cloud do for me?
Facets democratizes a large chunk of your DevOps work to the Developers and enables the DevOps Teams to be productive. Facets brings in best-practice workflows and tools so you wouldn't have to build from scratch.
Can we run Facets.cloud ourselves?
Yes, you can follow https://readme.facets.cloud/docs/deploy-a-service to use Facets in completely self-service manner in your cloud premises.
When is Facets not the right choice for a company ?
For companies who are building static websites or building a proof-of-concept product, Facets may not be the right choice. There are platforms like firebase, digital ocean or various no-code tools that are suitable for this stage.
How do I keep Dev environments cost-effective in developer self-service?
Facets provide various cost optimization strategies per environment. Using compaction, spot instances and scheduled shutdown of Dev Environments, you can safely enable developer serf-service.
Can I choose a self-hosted database in one environment and cloud-hosted database in another environment?
Yes, this is called flavors in Facets. For example, you can choose to use a self-hosted redis in your QA environment and Amazon Elasticache in your production (from a single blueprint).
Can I deploy a subset of the blueprint in an environment (Say Dev Environment)?
Yes, you can selectively disable components for a particular environment .
When do I need a EaaS solution?
EaaS solutions are needed in the following cases. 1) If you a SaaS company who wish to be present in multiple geographies or providing customer specific deployments 2) If you wish to strengthen your non-production with ephemeral environments for efficient testing 3) If you wish to be multi-cloud .
Can our customers have a shared access to the environment?
Yes, you can configure fine-grained shared access to the developer control plane as well as the environments for your customers and third-party and enforce RBAC.
How do I deploy to a customer preferred cloud provider?
Facets supports multi-cloud environments from a single Blueprint. For example, one of your environments can be on AWS and another one in Azure.
How is Private SaaS deployments are different from regular SaaS?
If you are distributing your software on customer premises (customer cloud accounts), you fall in-to the category of private SaaS. The difference between private SaaS and normal SaaS deployments reside in the level of complexities. Complexities arise because the number of environments becomes larger. In many cases, you will have to support the preferred cloud provider of the customer.
Is there a discount for early stage startups?
Yes, we have a perpetual free tier for early stage startups that can get you started.
How are number of cores calculated as part of size?
The number of cores are calculated as a running average of machine-cores of the Kubernetes cluster. This statistics will be available on your Grafana dashboard.
What if I am building open-source?
You may be eligible for a free facets control plane if you are developing a product for non-commercial usage. Please contact us.
How do I integrate my existing application configurations?
Refer to https://readme.facets.cloud/docs/deploy-a-service for getting started on application onboarding.
How much can I customize Facets.cloud?
You can customize Facets to add new types of resources by adding a Terraform module that is written in Facets specified format. A detailed documentation is coming soon.
Can we shift from one cloud provider to the another?
Facets eases cloud migration through the cloud agnostic blueprint approach. However, other aspects like Data migration are out of scope. We will provide the necessary directions in consultation with you.
What kind of support from Facets we can expect when we are migrating?
We generally co-create a migration plan by studying your existing set up. Facets provide necessary support during the transition and beyond.
How do I migrate to Facets with minimum risk?
You can incrementally migrate to Facets managed environments from your existing environments. Please refer https://readme.facets.cloud/docs/incremental-migration

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