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Empowering Devops and Developers to ship faster

Own a Facets Developer Control Plane where your Dev and Ops team collaborate to architect your product deployment. Focus on speeding up your product development rather than building and maintaining cloud management tools and workflows.

  • Launch  ephemeral Dev and QA environments in minutes
  • Improve collaberation between Devs, Ops & QAs
  • Leverage trusted integrations for monitoring and observability

Purplle’s journey to streamline DevOps and beyond

How the eCommerce giant aligned their teams to achieve 100% autonomy to manage their Infrastructure with

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Here is What Facet’s Customers Have To Say

Our goal was ease of service, infrastructure maintenance, and being cloud-agnostic using Kubernetes. takes this a step further by ensuring all of this is well defined with simple and intuitive JSON templates which developer teams can maintain with ease. Now our teams can start focusing on Application reliability and Security.

Pruthvi Narapareddy

Engineering at Vymo

I want a platform engineering team who can solve complex problems and help dev teams to scale their apps. Facets allows us to spend time on high-value activities and not mundane Ops, which is a big unlock for me.

Suyash Katyayani

Co-founder & CTO, Purplle

With Facets we have true infrastructure-as-code including alerting, monitoring, deployment and infrastructure creation. Our Staging environments now look identical to Production environments and we now have multiple production clusters which in turn look similar. This is a big win for us!

Kadam Jeet Jain

Co-founder & CTO, Treebo Hostels and Hotels Superhero has simplified the operations across the product portfolio deployed over hundreds of servers in multiple cloud regions. It has standardized our deployments by making everything declarative and better managed. We are seeing over 40% reduction in human errors and infrastructure drift, as well as over 30% savings in infrastructure costs.

Piyush Goel

SVP at Capillary Technologies

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