Metrics, Alerts and Dashboards (Visualizations) are the three pillars of observability. In line with the Cloud-native community adopting OpenMetrics and its de-facto implementation in the Prometheus stack, Facets provisions and manages Prometheus, Alertmanager and Grafana to build up these pillars.

Prometheus Metrics does not just provision Prometheus, but also ensures that metrics exporters are configured for all the components defined in your stack. Applications in can leverage Prometheus by just defining an OpenMetrics compliant metrics endpoint.

Prometheus Alerting Rules

Since Facets is aware of the metrics exposed by each components of your stack, it ships a set of well refined alerting rules. You can define your own alerts or modify the predefined alerts to suite your needs. Since all the alert definitions reside in the stack, you are assured that no alert gets omitted or misconfigured in any of your environments.

Grafana Dashboards

Just like alerting rules, Facets leverages its awareness of the metrics to ship a set of relevant default Grafana dashboards. And as you must have guessed already, any customizations to the dashboards are possible via you stack ensuring uniformity across environments. The Grafana dashboard is embedded within the Facets control plane for ease of access and access management.

Alertmanager Integration

The facets control plane gives you a GUI workflow to configure notifications from Alertmanager to the notification channel of your choice viz Slack, PagerDuty etc. Your Facets control plane acts as a central router for all alerts across environments.

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