Environment as a Service

On-demand environments with a single click. Streamline your workflows and accelerate your product development lifecycle.

How it works?

How it works?

Environment-as-a-Solution by Facets

EaaS Features

Feature highlights of Facets’ EaaS solution



Enable Developers to spin new cost effective non-production environments with isolation levels.


Dev, QA, Load, Pre-production and Production environments on any cloud.
drift prevention

Drift Prevention

Enable your new environments to be always drift-free inheriting from the same blueprint
release chaining

Release Chaining

Chain your environments to manage release propagation and reduce blast radius. Use blue-green, canary for mission critical applications.
environment tracking

Environment tracking

Observability with alerts & dashboards across all environments. Compare service configuration and metrics across environments.

Environment types in EaaS


Self-service for spinning up Environments

Maintain isolation levels between multiple Dev Environments as desired

Feature specific environments for independent testing

Create Parallel Environments for major feature reworks

QA and Performance Tests

Deployment Triggers: Intelligent rule-based triggering of QA suites and automated certification

Alerts and Reports: Dashboards show broad , aggregated view of the current health of system.

Integrate with your existing resiliency and security testing tools

Launch from Snapshots:   Instantly load Production data to bootstrap your load test environment ensuring


Test your Hotfixes easily without disturbing QA environments

Launch from production snapshots

Sign-off releases to be promoted to Production


Multi-cloud deployment

Access restrictions &
standardized access

Multiple Deployment
strategy options

Industry standard monitoring

Multi-channel alerts

Audit Logs

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