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Our goal was ease of service, infrastructure maintenance, and being cloud-agnostic using Kubernetes. takes this a step further by ensuring all of this is well defined with simple and intuitive JSON templates which developer teams can maintain with ease. Now our teams can start focussing on Application reliability and Security. A big shout out to the team for their support during our transition.

Pruthvi Narapareddy

Engineering at Vymo

Our compliance team at Capillary Technologies has no dependency on Tech team anymore with deployment. Every provisioned cluster is consistent in terms of the security rules by design, helping us in seamless audits and guardrail enforcements.

Vijayendran Sridharan

CISO at Capillary Technologies

We became more agile with continuous delivery pipeline and reduced over-burdening our infrastructure team. The development team productivity has gone up at least by 15% with increased speed from code to deployment. We are very happy with the product and look to do more with it.

KDV Prasad

Engineering at MoveInsync has simplified the operations across the product portfolio deployed over hundreds of servers in multiple cloud regions. It has standardized our deployments by making everything declarative and better managed. We are seeing over 40% reduction in human errors and infrastructure drift, as well as over 30% savings in infrastructure costs.

Piyush Goel

SVP at Capillary Technologies

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